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Architecture(Five-year program)

Main courses: Fundamentals of Architectural Design, Principles of Architectural Design, Architectural Design, Chinese and Foreign Architecture History, Urban Design, Interior Design, Architectural Physics, Architectural Structure, Architectural Construction, Construction Equipment, Construction Economics, Computer-aided Design, etc. 




Civil Engineering (Four-year program )

Main courses: Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering Materials, Introduction to Civil Engineering, Engineering Geology, Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing, Engineering Surveying, Construction Laws and Regulations, Loading and Structural Design Methods, Design Principle of Concrete Structures, Design Principle of Steel Structure, Basic Engineering, Civil Engineering Construction, Building Architecture, High-rise Building Structure Design, Engineering Seismic Design, High-rise Building Construction, Construction Organization and Construction Project Management, and Engineering Technology Analysis and Cost Estimation, etc. 




Business Administration (four-year program)

Main courses: Management, Economics, Accounting, Management Information System, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Strategic for Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, E-commerce, Brand Management.




Chinese Language Training(short/long-term)

Short-term courses: Chinese Speaking, Chinese listening, characteristic cultural courses, Chinese language practice, etc. 

Long-term courses: Elementary Comprehensive Course、Elementary Speaking Course、Elementary Listening Course、Elementary Reading and Writing Course、HSK tutor、China Panorama、Chinese Cultural Courses, etc.