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Foreign Undergraduate Student’s Scholarship Rewarding Measures of SYUCU

To encourage foreign undergraduate students (foreign students for short hereunder) to study hard, create a good studying atmosphere, and promote our university’s influence and reputation of foreign student’s education, hereby setting scholarship for excellent foreign undergraduate students of SYUCU (Scholarship for short hereunder). To guarantee the scholarship management, hereby establish the “Foreign Undergraduate Student’s Scholarship Rewarding Measures of SYUCU”.

I. Quota & Amount

First degree scholarship: 2% of foreign students, 2000 RMB for each;

Second degree scholarship: 4% of foreign students, 1000 RMB for each;

Third degree scholarship: 6% of foreign students, 500 RMB for each.

PS: the quota will be calculated by one decimal rounding.


II. Basic Applying Standard of Scholarship

(I) The foreign student who has officially registered in our university and has been studying in our college for over one year, and doesn’t apply for suspension of schooling, remaining the student status or prolonging the length of schooling.

(II) Obey Chinese law and regulation and SYUCU’s rule and regulation. Never receive any punishment last academic year.

(III) Have a strong desire and positive attitude towards studying, and study really hard. The grade point and performance of last academic year is excellent. No courses need make-up examination or examination suspension.

(IV) The GPA of first degree scholarship’s candidates shall be higher than 85 (or equals 80); the GPA of second degree scholarship’s candidates shall be higher than 80 (or equals 80); the GPA of third degree scholarship’s candidates shall be higher than 75 (or equals 75).

(V) Participate all kinds of activities organized by our college and university and social practicing activities.

(VI) Haven’t acquired any other scholarship the year he/she applies.


III. The Application Procedure, Assessment and Releasing Procedure

(I) Scholarship will be appraised and announced every year based on last academic year’s GPA ranking and quota.

(II) Students can check his/her GPA ranking and whoever fits the standard can file the application form to International Student’s College on September every year since the announcement of this measure.

(III) The International Student’s College will review all the materials filed by the students and provide opinions, then submit to the Board. After get approval from the Board, our college will announce the rewarding list and release the scholarship.


IV. The Calculation of GPA

(I) The Formula of GPA



Mthe score of a certain course

Hthe credit unit of a certain course

      i= 1,2,3······nn: all the required courses of the major training plan in last academic year

(II) The Conversions between five-degree scoring method and centesimal system:







converted score






The score should be the actual score of an examination (or suspended examination).

V. The scholarship shall be granted from the foreign students fund.

VI. This regulation will be put into effect since the day it announces. The International Students College will be responsible for its explanation.



November 8th, 2016