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Architecture(Five-year program)

Training objectives: Students acquire knowledge regarding architectural design, urban planning, urban design, interior design, architectural engineering design through systematic learning, accept basic training on architectural design, and have basic competence in project planning, building scheme design and construction drawings. This program aims to cultivate senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in architectural design, urban design, interior design and architectural theory research.


Civil Engineering (Four-year program) 

Training objectives: This program aims to cultivate students who adapt to the development of socialist modernization, achieve overall development in moral, intellectual and physical aspects, and acquire necessary cultural knowledge of humanities, social science and natural sciences as well as expertise in civil engineering. Through basis training from engineers, this program cultivates applied and skilled talents who are capable of technology and management for housing construction and other class civil engineering, obtain solid basic theoretical knowledge, extensive expertise, strong problem analysis capabilities, engineering practice and innovative ability, as well as face the future and first-line engineering.


Business Administration (four-year program)

Training objectives: Aiming to nurture high-level applicative talents who adapts to the modern marketing needs, apprehend the theory of modern company management and entrepreneurship with excellent communicating and practical skills to work at a profitable or non-profitable institution.


Chinese training (short-term, long-term)

(A) short-term courses: to develop students ' listening and speaking abilities. Through classroom learning, and visiting, so that students can have different understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture, and stimulate their interests in Chinese language and culture; through.study and training so that students can understand normal spoken Mandarin in their daily lives, and t use Chinese to make society activities.

(B)  long-term courses: Basic on build a solid foundation of Chinese knowledge and comprehensive language application ability. Through cultivating students’ listing、speaking、reading and writing skills to develop and improve the abilities of Chinese language and Chinese communicative competence and the application of the Chinese language capabilities. Prominent Chinese cultural characteristics, through the Organization of a variety of Chinese culture and cultural experiences, practical activities, students deepen the understanding of Chinese culture, for students to study expertise or work in China lay a good basis of language and culture.