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Regulations on Administration of Language Course Students

In order to standardize the management of Chinese Language Students, as well as improve teaching quality, the International Students College hereby to formulate the following regulations.


I. Registration


Language Student, who’s holding a valid Admission Notice, must report to school and make payments on time as required.


II. Teaching


a)     Student needs to take a Chinese language test after enrollment. Then proper level and class will be allocated according to his/her result.

b)     The Language Teaching Office will make the class timetable and teaching schedule according to “Shenyang Urban Construction University Language Course Students Training Scheme”.

c)     Teachers should submit student’s examination results at the end of every semester, while the results should be available for students to check in the Teaching Office.

d)     Certificate of Completion will be issued only for qualified students by the college, who have passed all the examinations. A certificate letter of study will be issued for students who fail to pass all the examinations.


III. Daily Discipline


a)     Language Course Students must comply with Chinese Laws and Regulations, as well as the disciplines issued by Shenyang Urban Construction University. Any violation of the University regulations will be punished according to “Disciplinary Rules of Foreign Student in SYUCU”.

b)     Students must attend all the classes, other teaching and school activities. Application for Leave (Absent) should be made if student cannot attend class or activities. Resumption should be made when student come back after the permitted period of absent. If student cannot resume on time, application for extension must be made by providing necessary proof. Otherwise, he/she will be marked as absent from the classes.

c)     Student cannot take the examination if he/she misses 1/3 of his/her study hours in that course.

d)     Application Note for Leave (Absent) must be made from the International Office. Student will be marked as absent without application or his/her application is denied.

e)     Student will be seen withdrawn from school if his/her attendance is lower than 50% by the middle of any semester.


IV. Appendix


This rule shall come into force on the date of promulgation; International Students College reserves the right of explanation.





2nd November 2017