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2017 Debriefing report of ISC

On December 21st, 2018, the International Student College had personal debriefing report meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lyu Pinchao, the director of International Student College.

At the meeting, all the teachers made detailed report about the management and enrollment of students, Chinese teaching, student educational examination work, as well as Sino-foreign cooperative schools and other related matters. After that, Lyu Pinchao made a further summary of the development of the new semester for the overall planning of foreign students. He also put forward with specific requirements on strengthening the recruitment of foreign students, standardizing the rules and regulations of international students and other administrative work.


This meeting strengthened the supervision and exchange between the teaching and education, combed the achievements of the semester, summed up the experience and deficiencies in the activities, and provided reference for the future work, and laid a good foundation for the successful development of the International Students College in 2018.