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Exchange meeting in ISC

On March 12nd, 2018, the International Students College held exchange meeting. The Secretary Cui Jingyi and the Dean Wen Jingwen attended.


The meeting invited Secretary General Chen Yongqing of Liaoning Education Association For International Exchange to share his experiences on international students’ work. Taking the work of the students from Shenyang Aerospace University as an example, Chen Yongqing introduced many reforms and attempts, and expounded the relevant guidance for the work of the students in colleges and universities. Although China had become the largest destination country for studying abroad, there was still a lot of space for development in the scale of international students, teaching quality and management services. Colleges and universities which carry out the education of foreign students should focus on improving the international standard of the school, strengthening the construction of the team, strengthening the training of teachers, administrators and logistic personnel, improving the teaching quality, enhancing the management and service level, strengthening the international influence of the school, and actively promoting the construction of friendly schools, cooperative The establishment of overseas Students ' Alumni Association to enhance students ' sense of belonging and identity in school, and to strengthen the independent management and integration of foreign students to create internship and employment opportunities.