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2021 Spring Semester will begin

Dear all students, you are notified of the arrangement for the spring semester.  The date that the online classes begin is 8 March, 2021.  Please attend classes on time. 





For the students in China

For the students in China

Presently, school is making efforts and taking all the factors into consideration to plan your return to campus according to the requirements of government and current epidemic situation, when and how to return to the campus is to be determined. You are currently not allowed to return to campus until further notice is announced. 


For the students outside China

As soon as the border is open for international students, school will assist you with your return to China. Please pay more attention to the embassy and the policies issued by countries.


Pay attention 

The Chinese students in our school will also take online classes at the beginning of this semester. All students should wait patiently for the further notice from school.