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Students Assistant Group of the ISC held the first regular meeting of the Spring Semester of 2021

On March 19, 2021, the students assistant group successfully held the first regular meeting with the theme of "new semester, new development" in classroom 204 of the International Students College.

In this meeting, Wang Yuchen, Chairman of the Student Assistant Group of the International Students College, Li Hongpeng, Director of the Office, Gao Haomiao, Minister of Information, Pang Hansheng, Minister of Affairs, and Gong Shuqi and Zhao Yucen, representatives of the External Relations Department, took the stage to give speeches and summarized the work of the previous semester Work arrangements for the new semester.

Wang Yuchen, chairman of the student assistant group, explained in detail the tasks of each department during the upcoming school season orientation period, and put forward expectations and requirements for the assistant members, hoping to be steadfast and hardworking in future studies and activities Complete the assigned tasks. In addition, I also urged the members to always do their own daily epidemic prevention and follow the school's arrangements in the new semester. At the same time, instruct everyone how to deal with the daily affairs in the assistant group.

The new semester is the beginning of a brand-new dream-catching journey. We re-embark on the long and slow journey of conquering knowledge. We will regard the new semester as a new starting point, and devote ourselves to learning and life with a brand-new mental outlook. Parents’ entrustment, learn from mentors and helpful friends, keep working hard, keep forging ahead, and write your own future.