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Our international students return to school smoothly in the new semester

In order to do a good job in the work of returning international students to school in the spring semester of 2021, the School of International Students earnestly deployed and strictly implemented it. Before returning to school, three departmental work meetings were held to discuss the work of returning international students to school in the new semester to ensure that all tasks are carried out in an orderly manner.

  On April 6, the International Students Institute organized all teachers in its department to clean and disinfect the classrooms to ensure that the classrooms are clean and tidy. At the same time, the International Students College cooperated with the Logistic Dormitory Management Section to investigate the safety hazards in the dormitories of international students, and deal with the problems found in a timely manner.

   On April 7th, the teachers and volunteers of the Student Assistant Group of the International Students College stood in front of the school's No. 3 gate and performed their duties earnestly. They checked the body temperature, verified their identities, and registered information for returning students at the school gate. The staff of the school’s security office stick to their posts, do a good job in order maintenance, patrols and guards around the student’s return to school registration site, and escort the students back to school safely.

   At the school gate, the school has set up a temporary isolation area, body temperature monitoring points, check-in points, and distribution points for love epidemic prevention kits. In accordance with the school’s epidemic prevention requirements, returning international students take temperature measurements at the temperature monitoring point at the entrance of the school, and then show the Health Mar and big data itinerary code, and sign the "Shenyang Urban Construction Institute's Commitment to Fight against the "New Coronavirus" Epidemic" and "2021 Questionnaire on the health status and travel trajectory of students returning to school at the beginning of the spring semester. After that, the international students received the love epidemic prevention package, and entered the campus in an orderly line with the student ID.

At the same time, in the lobby on the first floor of the International Students Dormitory, the teachers of the International Students College and the Logistic Dormitory Management Department carefully checked the students who returned to the school, helped the students carry their luggage, talked with the students cordially, and urged them to take care of self-protection after returning to school. In the new semester, new starting point, and new hopes, international students have expressed that they are very happy to be back on campus. They should devote themselves to their study and life with a brand-new mental outlook, strengthen self-discipline, and study hard.