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Activity of Making Dumpling

Chinese Dumpling ( Jiaozi) is a traditional Chinese food, which is one of the most important traditional dishes in Chinese New Year ,especially in Northern China.. Chinese Dumpling has also became one of the most widely loved foods across the world.

 On the afternoon of April 20, Students Communication Association organized an activity that Chinese students and international students made dumplings together, during which they learned how to make dumplings and knew more about the Chinese culture.

In the process of this activity, international students learned how to make the fillings, wrappers and dumplings. Making dumplings were actually very easy and students learned how to make dumplings quickly under the guidance by the teachers and Chinese students.

Students also cooked and shared the dumplings in the canteen. The dumplings were so delicious! The students said that they would try to make dumplings at home, and wanted to make dumplings to their friends. 

 Students Communication Association will hold different cultural events regularly. If you want to experience Chinese culture and make friends, come and join us! Look forward to meeting you next time.