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Dear graduates including Chinese language and Major in July 2021, time flies, you will graduate and obtain the certificate from our university around July 2021 if you pass all the exams and have already paid all the relevant fees.


 Please pay close attention to the expiry of your study visa and plan ahead. your purpose of coming to China is to study as a student and you are about to finish your study and end your college life in our school. It is very easy to understand that you are no longer a student after graduating. So you should exit China before your study visa expires according to <Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China>Article 37 Foreigners who stay or reside in China shall not engage in activities not corresponding to the purpose of stay or residence, and shall leave China prior to the expiry of the prescribed duration of stay or residence.

No matter for what reasons you have, you must finish the extension of your visa before the expiry of study visa issued by our school if you have any other plans to stay in China, you will stay in China illegally and face the punishment from the police if you fail to extend your visa before it expires.

 Please plan ahead and think carefully about your future, be responsible for yourself and put what you think into action. And you are required to report your further plans to your head teacher before June 3, 2021.

School has sent advance notice to you and reminded you of the visa issues. please do not make excuses and shift the blame for your failure to exit China or extend your visa in time onto any others.


 We sincerely hope you will have an excellent future in your life after graduating.