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2021 International Students Successfully Gradate!

On June 20, the 2021 graduation ceremony and degree-granting ceremony of Shenyang Urban Construction College was held in the concert hall. School leaders, some faculty, 2021 graduates and 2020 alumni attended the ceremony. Eleven 2021 graduates and their family members from the International Students College, as well as 4 domestic graduates from 2020, rushed back to their alma mater to participate in the graduation ceremony. This year, a total of 17 international students from our school successfully completed their studies and were allowed to graduate if they met the graduation criteria set by the school.

During the ceremony, Deputy Dean Ma Fengcai announced the decision to award undergraduates studying abroad and bachelor's degree. Secretary of the Party Committee Cui Jingyi issued graduation certificates and degree certificates to representatives of all the graduates of the school, and the graduates of the International Students Institute took the stage to receive the certificates. .

Dean Wen Jingwen, on behalf of the school, extended heartfelt congratulations to all the students who graduated successfully, extended a warm welcome to their parents, relatives, friends and guests, expressed respect and gratitude to the teachers who have carefully trained students, and expressed their gratitude to all the students who are about to embark on a new journey. The graduates give encouragement and high hopes.

Then entered the degree-granting ceremony, pushing the atmosphere of the whole scene to a climax. The chairman of the degree evaluation committee, the vice chairman, and the chairmen of the degree evaluation sub-committees of each faculty and departments gave a "pull ear ceremony" to all graduates who took the stage one by one. The teachers shook hands and talked with the graduates, hugged and took a group photo to congratulate them on their successful graduation. Deep blessings for their future.

Finally, the ceremony egg was ushered in. In the cheerful singing, the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Shenyang Urban Construction College came to a successful conclusion.