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Online Sports Meeting Activity

In order to promote students physical and psychological health,  encourage students to develop the good habit of physical exercise during the period of epidemic prevention and control, enrich and innovate the activity form of the second classroom, reflect students positive spirit and  love for sports,the Students Communication Association will hold the online sports meeting.

From Today to 18, April.

The "Online Sports Meeting" requires the participating athletes to record the video of their participation in the event,and send it to your headteacher.

You can choose one of the following three physical fitness events to participate in the competition:

俯卧撑(最长时限为120秒)Push-ups (maximum time limit is 120 seconds)

平板支撑(不限时长)Plank(unlimited time)

开合跳(最长时限为180秒)Jump jack (maximum time limit is 180 seconds)

 4.Events evaluation standard requirements

4.1 The total duration(seconds) will be calculated for the plank.Other events are counted as the total number of times to complete the action within the time limit.

4.2 For the action essentials and requirements of each event, please refer to the guidance videos. If the videos you provide do not meet the basic requirements of the action, the results will be invalided. Please note the maximum time limit for different event.

4.3 The resolution of the video recorded by the athletes is recommended to be within 720p.

 5.Participants and groups

All international students, members of the Students Communication Association and Students Assistant Association of ISC can be enrolled as players, and it will be divided into men's group and women's group.


6.1 All athletes participating in the competition must be in good health and evaluate their physical condition by themselves before the competition. Athletes with a history of serious diseases such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and asthma should not participate.

6.2 Athletes participating in any events must practice in advance.

6.3 Be sure to participate in the event within your own capacity. If you feel unwell, you must stop the event immediately.

 7.Awarding Setting

According to the judging criteria and requirements, the three events will set 1st prize , 2nd prize and 3rd prize respectively.

April 11,2022