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Traffic Safety Education for Overseas Students

Dear all, to enhance the traffic safety education of students, improve the awareness of traffic safety,prevent traffic accidents and avoid irreparable tragedy and loss, school would like to remind each student to attach great importance to the traffic safety during the period of study in China.

1.Abide by the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety and follow the relevant traffic regulations at all times.

2.The uniform road traffic signals are applied in China,and the traffic signal lamps are composed of red light,green light and amber light.The red light means prohibition of passage,the green light means permission of passage,while the amber light means a warning.

3.Pay attention to the traffic signals,all vehicles and pedestrians should pass according to the traffic signals.

4.The driver and the passengers should use the safety belt when a motor vehicle is running.A motorcycle driver and the passenger should wear the safety helmets.

5.A motor vehicle should slow down when passing a crosswalk,or should stop to give way when a pedestrian is passing the crosswalk.

6.Pedestrians should walk inside the pavement or walk on the right side of the road if there is no pavement. And take the zebra crossing,pedestrian overpass or underpass to cross the road.

7.A passenger should not bring dangerous articles which are inflammable or explosive, or throw articles out of the vehicle,or commit any act affecting the driver’s safe driving.

8.Driving motor vehicle without Chinese license,drink-driving and drug-related driving are seriously illegal acts and strictly prohibited.

9.Whoever violates the road traffic safety laws or regulation,thus causing a heavy traffic accident shall,if a crime is constituted,be subject to criminal liabilities in accordance with the law.

10.Never take the unlicensed,overloaded or speeding motor vehicles.

11.All the Chinese and overseas students of SYUCU are not allowed to drive the motor vehicle on campus.

12.Routes are countless, safety is foremost.

International Students College

Shenyang Urban Construction University

April 13, 2022