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The graduation defense of the 2022 undergraduate graduates of the International Students Institute has been successfully completed

On the afternoon of May 25th, the School of International Students held an online defense for the graduation design (thesis) of the 2022 undergraduates. All teachers responsible for the guidance of the graduation design (thesis) for international students attended the defense.


Before the defense, each major has formulated a clear implementation plan for the graduation design (thesis) work of international students. Graduates submit relevant materials for graduation design, which are strictly reviewed by the instructor and the defense team. A total of 22 graduates meet the defense requirements and can participate in the graduation defense.


During the defense, each professional defense team was meticulously organized, and the defense scene was orderly. The defense secretary first emphasized the graduation defense requirements, and hoped that the international students could fully demonstrate their professional knowledge and skills learned in the university in accordance with the school's requirements, and present their graduation works perfectly.


Full of confidence, the international students explained the research significance, basic content, research methods, conclusions and results of the graduation project (thesis) in the form of screen sharing PPT. After the explanation, the teachers of the defense groups of each major put forward questions to the graduates according to the reports and design (thesis) of the international students, and gave suggestions, and the international students answered the questions in detail.


The School of International Studies always attaches great importance to the defense of the graduation project (thesis), and strictly follows the work plan and the prescribed process, and records the whole process and the procedures are standardized. At the same time, the judges of the defense team conduct the graduation design (thesis) evaluation in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, which effectively guarantees the professional level and training quality of the graduates.


Finally, I sincerely wish all graduates a bright future and a long journey! I hope you will keep the school motto in mind, look to the future, tell the world more about what you see in China, be the friendly messengers of the exchanges between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and spread the fire of friendship all over the world.