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As a overseas student, you must abide by the” Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China”, ”Foreigners’ entry management regulations of the People’s Republic of China”. No matter what happens, communicate with your teachers to find a solution without any delay. In terms of security, you must keep in touch with your teachers and classmates. If you have to ask for a leave, please inform the teacher in any ways. Meanwhile, you must comply with school regulations and disciplines. Please go to class on time, we will check your attendance irregularly. Those students who are absent from class frequently will be considered that you engaged in the activities incompatible with your student identities. Any bad behavior will be recorded that will affect your subsequent life in China. According to the law of our country, we can cancel your study permission or refuse to renew your visa.

1. accommodation registration

When you come to any city in china, you need to register at the police station within 24 hours. If you change the place of residence, you need register again at police station of new address. If you leave Shenyang to other cities during the holidays, living in a hotel, a friend’s house or rental house, you all need go to the relevant police station for registration, otherwise, you will face a fine of 2000 Yuan. In china, foreigners over 16 years old need to carry their passports, in order to accept the temporary inspection of policemen, otherwise, the policemen will take you to the police station to interrogate for your disclosed identity. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you carry a copy of registration form and passport.

2. illegal employment

Only hold study visa to get a job is illegal undoubtedly, you will face a fine of 5000 Yuan, even the deportation. China’s current law allows students to work, but only in the form of internship and add description of internship on your study permit. Only in this way can prove that you have a valid work identity, otherwise it belongs to illegal employment.

At present, you need to meet the following three conditions. Firstly the internship should be relevant with your major. Secondly, you need the permission of your college. Thirdly, the organization you work in has recorded at the Public Security Bureau. Now there are some colleges in Shenyang have been applying the description of internship on the study permit for their students, we hope more students can apply for it to avoid the illegal employment.

There are some points of adding description of internship as following: firstly, provide the certificate from your college that allow you to carry out the internship, which need state that your internship content is related with your major, as well as the time, location and contacts of your internship. Secondly, provide the business license, organization code certificate and specify your internship positions, time, and place. Thirdly, provide your passport, registration form, photo and application form.

3. drug problem

In some countries smoking marijuana is legal, but in china it is illegal. So please pay attention to it, or you will face the most severe punishment. If you involved in drug trafficking, you will faced with the death penalty. Some foreign college students in Shenyang have been put into prison for involvement with drugs before. If you go to the nightclubs, please don’t take the cigarettes or water that the strangers give to you. If you leave your seat for a while, please pour out the water, in case someone put the drug into your water when you leave the seat. When you go out, you’d better with your friends, especially the girls. You must guarantee your own security, and take responsibility for yourself. Meanwhile, please don’t get drunk and rowdy; otherwise you will face the detention of 10 to 15 days. If you did the harm, we will give criminal sanctions, put you into prison and face the deportation.

4. illegal residences

The current law in china requires everyone apply for extension of residence permit before 30 days of the expiration, otherwise illegal residence will face a fine of 500 to 10000 Yuan, and leave a bad record, which directly affect the renewal duration of visa. So please remember the expiry date of your residence permit. In addition, make sure that your registered address and the telephone number is right, or renewal application will not be approved. By then, your college will remind you to extend your visa in time.

5. problems of re-issuance passports

If you lost your passport carelessly, you need go to the nearest police station to ask for the report proved that and then report the loss information to exchange relevant documents. At least apply for a new passport in your country Embassy in china.

If you need renew your passport, you should have sufficient time, to renew your passport in advance. And try to get a new passport during the time that the residence permit is valid. If you get a new passport after your residence permit has been extended, there will be a lot of trouble. Your country Embassy will need to provide Liaoning provincial public security department with a document to explain the overdue reasons, for example, your passport is in the renewal process and so on. So be sure to set aside sufficient time to renew your passport in advance.

When you get new passport with new passport number, you need go to the police station to change the registration within 10 days, and then come to my bureau to change the residence permit. If you don’t change the information in time, you will face a fine of 2000 Yuan.

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