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A Letter to International Student of SYUCU on COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control
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Dear international students,

This letter is addressed to every international student on behalf of SYUCU. We hope all is well with you.

Wherever you are, we wish you good health. Hope you are able to start your study smoothly through the school's online learning platform.

Now we would like to remind you of the important information that students are most concerned about during the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The following questions and answers will be helpful.


When is ShenyangUrban Construction Universitylikely to open?

A: We're not sure at this stage.

Due to the fact that the COVID-19 epidemic still in an uncertain stage, it is impossible for the University to provide an estimated university open date at this point.The opening date will be subject to the requirements of Education Ministry of China and LiaoningProvincialGovernment.

Question 2

It seems that the epidemic situation in China has somewhat stabilized, does that mean that I can return to Shenyang?

A: No, it does not. All the studentsare not allowed toreturn to Shenyang or the University until official notice.

Although the situation in China is now somewhat stable, the movement of people is one of the biggest threats to controlthe epidemic, especially travel through public transport hubs. Outbreaks have been reported in some countries and regions. The school CARES about you, and we believe you miss the school, but for the health and safety of all, you must wait for official notice from the school before returning to or returning to school.This is not a school requirement, but a requirement of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Liaoning Provincial Government.

Question 3

I heard that my classmate has been able to return to Shenyang, does that mean I can too?

A:No. Onlywith extremely special casescan students be allowed to return to Shenyang. At the same time, the school will report to immigration, the Liaoning provincial department of education, and police for the record at the first time.

The University understands that many students are looking forward to returning to the campus to resume their studies, research, lives as usual and to access the university resources, especially for those who are soon to graduate. Yet, in light of the epidemic, only students with extremely special cases or circumstances requiring a return to Shenyang will be approved to do so. Returning in order to access library resources or campus facilities for study is not a sufficient reason to return to Shenyang.

Question 4

What happens if I enter Shenyang without approval from my University?

A: During the prevention and control of the outbreak, students returning to Shenyang without authorization will face severe disciplinary action, which will affect their school performance records. At the same time, school will report to the immigration, the Liaoning Provincial Education Department and the police department as required by the government.

Question 5

What is the difference between ‘Return to the University’ and ‘Return to Shenyang’ ?

A: Return to the University is for students who will return to live on campus, return to Shenyang is for students who will return to live off-campus.

Students currently in other cities or countries are not allowed to return to Shenyang without the school's approval. All students must obey the rules of the local community.During the outbreak, no one (including teachers) is allowed to enter the campus without permission.

Question 6

Do I need to notify the school if I go to another country or city?

A: Yes.

According to related requirement of Liaoning Provincial Government, students are required to report personal travel and health information every day. For your any travel or location situation changes, you must update your information to head teacher by WeChat or other means at the first time.

Question 7

There is so much information about the epidemic and also about when the beginning of the semester will be, how do I know what is accurate?

A: Only ever trust official information sources.

As for when the students can return to the school, please refer to the official notice of the school. The school will officially inform each student in advance. Please don't believe the rumors. During an outbreak, inaccurate or even fabricated news may cause unnecessary panic and tension in the society. It is important to trust only official sources and not spread false or misleading information.

Shenyang Urban Construction University would like to thank all the foreign students for their cooperation and understanding. At this special period, I believe that through our joint efforts and support, we will finally overcome the epidemic and return to a healthy and happy campus life.

Shouldyou have any further questions, please contactyour head teacherwithout any hesitation; we will try our best to help you.

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