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Provisions on Administration of Foreign Undergraduate Student Status of SYUCU
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For the development of our foreign students’ education and the management of foreign undergraduate students (foreign students for short), hereby make this rule based on Provisions on Administration of Colleges and Universities Accepting Foreign Students, Provisions on Administration of Students in Colleges and Universities, Provisions on Administration of Undergraduate Students in SYUCU, and other relevant regulations on foreign students management, and on the principles of same management as Chinese students while considering foreign students’ special conditions and our practical circumstances.

Chapter I. Admitting and Registration

(I) New student shall report to SYUCU’s International Students’ College on due time (see the Admission Notice) with admission notice and JW202, and pay the tuition fee and accommodation fee. Anyone cannot report to school on time shall ask for permission to delay for less than two weeks to International Students’ College in advance and submit certificate document. The permission of delay cannot last for more than two weeks. Anyone fails to report on time without asking for permission to delay shall be seen giving up his admission in our college, unless there is irresistible reasons.

(II) Foreign students shall return to college and register on due time at the beginning of each semester to acquire the studying eligibility for this semester. Our college has the right to deny student’s register request if he/she violates our principles, such as unable to pay the tuition fee. Anyone cannot register on time must ask for permission to delay the register in advance if cannot report on time, otherwise, he/she will be treated as not attending class. Anyone doesn’t register within two weeks without permission to delay shall be seen as automatically drop out.

Chapter II. Length of Schooling

(III) Foreign students can complete their academic career separately. The major whose standard length of schooling is 4 years can be prolonged to 4 to 6 years; the major whose standard length of schooling is 5 years can be prolonged to 7 years. Other circumstances, like withholding his student status, suspension of schooling, or new students holding his admission eligibility, shall not be deducted from the length of schooling. Anyone fails to complete his study and needs to prolong his schooling period shall apply for the permission from International Students’ College. During the prolong period, this student shall pay his tuition fee and accommodation fee by the present charging standard. Student who completes his major courses in advance can apply to graduate early after he pays all the tuition fee of standard academic years.

Chapter III. Curriculum Assessment & Record of Grade Point

(IV) Our university adopts the credit unit system, namely assessing student’s academic performance by their credit units.

(V) Curriculum is a general designation of all the courses and educating activities in a teaching plan. The working hours required to finish the teaching plan is called class hours. Every 16 class hours of theory lesson equal 1 academic credit unit; every teaching week of the practicing activities equals 1 academic credit unit; if the practicing activity is conducted separately instead of weekly, every 20 class courses equals 1 academic credit unit.

(VI) All the courses in foreign student major’s training program shall be examined. Only can the credit unit be obtained after passing the examination. The grade point and credit unit will be recorded into Foreign Student’s Grade Point Form. Anyone with one of the following circumstances cannot take the final examination:

1. Ditch 1/3 class hours of this course’s.

2. More than 1/3 of his homework is plagiarized or doesn’t hand in on time.

3. Fail the practicing test, or ditch 1/3 of his practicing test, or fail to hand in 1/3 of his practicing report.

4. Take the course without completing the elective or repeating procedure.

(VII) GPA assessment is done by the teacher of this course together with other performance (mid-term examination, class discussion, experiment, homework, attendance). The full score of theory class and designing class is 100, and 60 is the passing mark. The assessment of weekly practicing activity is ranked by ‘excellent, good, average, pass, fail’. Student who passes the exam can acquire the academic credit unit. The teacher of this course should inform students about the assessment method and grade point method before officially start the course.

(VIII) Anyone cannot take the final examination because of disease (should provide hospital diagnose) or other irresistible reasons shall follow the examination suspension procedure and get approval from International Student’s College. The student can resit at the beginning of next semester. Anyone fail the resit shall retake the course.

(IX) If foreign student is not satisfied with his grade point, he can applies to take the final examination again with the next grade students after pay for the resit fee. The highest score will be put into his/her record.

(X) Anyone fails the test can take the make-up examination at the beginning of next semester, and if the student fails the make-up examination, he/she must retake the course, including practicing lessons (designing class, experiment, practicum, graduation project). If the student passes the make-up examination but not satisfied with the score, he/she can applies to retake the course and pay the tuition fee for this course, and the highest score will be put into his/her record.

The explanation of retaking courses:

1. The tuition fee of all the courses retaken by the student shall be paid.

2. The course shall be retaken with next grade students of this major. The student shall attend all the classes and complete all the homework, experiment, practicum and other education activities. If the student’s classes overlaps, he/she shall apply not to take this lesson in advance, otherwise the teacher has the right to forbid him from taking the final examination. Practicing lessons shall be taken together with next grade students of the same or similar major.

3. A class can be arranged solely if there are many students retaking this course.

4. Students who should retake a course shall complete the applying procedure within two weeks since the beginning of each semester. Anyone fails to apply on due time cannot retake the course and examination.

5. One course can be retaken more than once, but the applying procedure of retaking course shall be complete every time.

(XI) The score of this examination will be ranked “zero” if the student doesn’t take the examination or violates the discipline, and this examination of this student will be labeled “ditched” or “breached”.

Chapter IV. Change of Major and School Transfer

(XII) Student who is in one of the following positions can apply to change to another major:

1. Specialize in or excellent at a certain major or field, and the change of major can help him to develop his talent.

2. Couldn’t continue the major because of

(1) some kind of disease or physical disability diagnosed by authorized hospital.

(2) some kind of special difficulty.

(XIII) The application of change of major will be denied if the student is in one of the following circumstances:

1. The student has changed major before.

2. Failed many exams, and never study hard.

3. The student doesn’t behave himself and has to drop out of school according to our regulation.

4. Student whose schooling is suspended, but student status remains in our college.

(XIV) Student who wants to change major should put forward his application at the end of second semester of the first academic year, and fill the Application Form of Changing Major for Foreign Student of SYUCU, and get approval from the college.

(XV) After a foreign student changes his major, he/she cannot graduate until acquires all the credit units of this major’s training program. If a certain credit unit acquired by this student before changing major is similar to a relevant course of new major, this course can be exempted from taking once get approval from the new major’s teacher. Any courses taken before, if irrelevant to the new major, its credit unit can be calculated as the elective course.

Chapter V. Suspension of Schooling & Resumption of Study

XVI. Foreign student with any of the following circumstances can be allowed to suspend schooling without canceling the student status after confirming the condition:

(I) Diagnosed by qualified medical institution, this student needs to suspend schooling to get treatment or the recovering takes 1/3 of the semester, or the student has infectious disease such as hepatitis or tuberculosis.

(II) The student has been asking for leave for over 1/3 of this semester’s class hours.

(III) The student applies for suspension or the college consider it necessary for him to suspend for some special reason.

XVII. Foreign student who applies for suspension of schooling shall fill the Application Form of Suspending Schooling for Foreign Student in SYUCU, attaching relevant certificate, and get approval from the college. Once approved, conduct the leaving procedure.

XVIII. The suspension of foreign student will be calculated by the academic year no longer than 2 years, and each student can only for suspension twice at most. Once the student get suspension approval, he/she can no longer stay at school, listen to any class or take examination, either can they resume schooling in advance. Anyone doesn’t report to school within two weeks since his suspension terminates shall be deemed as automatically quite school.

XIX. Student who suspends their schooling must go back to their country. The cost for travelling and medical treatment shall be paid by the student himself.

XX. The student on suspension shall apply to resume schooling one month in advance to our college, and fill the Foreign Student Resume Schooling Application Form. Student who suspends because of disease or injury shall do the physical examination on the authorized medical institution and use the physical examination result to get resuming approval from our college, and our college will apply for his resident permit. The resuming student shall take class with the next grade students. If this major doesn’t recruit new students, he/she can apply to change to a similar major.

Chapter VI. Degrade, Dropout and Cancel the Student Status

XXI. If the credit units a student acquires by the end of an academic year are less than 1/2 but more than 1/3 of the total credit units, this student shall be degraded.

XXII. Student with one of the following circumstances shall drop out:

(I) Apply to drop out himself.

(II) Fail to resume on due time when his suspension period expires.

(III) Not possible to study because of physical disability or disease like psychosis, epilepsy, leprosy or else.

(IV) The credit units acquired at the end of the academic year are less than 1/3 of the full credit units set by the training plan.

XXIII. Anyone with one of the following circumstances shall be cancelled of his student status:

(I) Automatically terminate his/her schooling without conduct any procedure.

(II) Fail to pay for tuition fee.

(III) Miss lots of classes for more than 30 class hours.

(VI) Don’t report to school on due time without due cause.

XXIV. Foreign student who drops out or whose student status is about to be cancelled shall apply himself, or the International Student’s College shall submit report to get approval from the school board, then cancel his resident permit.

XXV. Student who drops out can no longer apply to study in our college.

XXVI. Student who drops out or whose student status is canceled, his/her tuition fee cannot be refunded.

XXVII. Student who drops out has to finish all the procedure and cancel his resident permit before leave.

Chapter VII. Degree& Diploma

XXVIII. SYUCU will issue diploma for students who complete all the courses of the major’s training plan and meet the graduation standard, and issue degree for those who meet the standard of Degree Conferring for Foreign Students in SYUCU.

XXIX. If a student fails to acquire 30 or more than 30 credit units when he/she graduates, our university will issue a completion certificate. This student can return to our college to retake the courses he/she fails to get the credit units within one year after getting the completion certificate. If the student succeeds to acquire the credit units, he/she can exchange for the diploma; if fits the degree conferring standard, SYUCU can confer the degree. If the student doesn’t retake the courses or fail the examination again, SYUCU won’t confer the diploma and degree as well. The student who retakes a course shall take the final examination together with the major students; the retaking examination won’t be arranged separately.

XXX. International Student’s College will issue Noncompletion certificate for student who has studied here for over one academic year. Whoever studied for less than one academic year will get a academic certificate. Leave school without approval won’t get any certificate.

XXXI. Degree, diploma, completion certificate and noncompletion certificate cannot be issued again if it’s lost. Our college will only offer a statement.

XXXII. Anyone applies to delay the graduation shall conduct the relevant procedure three months in advance of his graduation and pay for the delaying fee according to the tuition fee charging standard.

XXXIII. Students shall conduct the procedure of leaving school within 10 days since graduation and terminate his/her foreign student status. Our college won’t prolong resident permit for graduated students.

Chapter VIII. General Principle

XXXIV. This regulation shall be obeyed by all the foreign students in SYUCU.

XXXV. This regulation shall be put into effect since the day officially released. International Student’s College is responsible for the explanation.

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