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Conduct Code for Foreign Students
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I. General Principles

(I) Complete academic tasks assigned by teachers.

(II) Obey relevant laws and regulations of Chinese government.

(III) Obey rules and regulations of SYUCU.

(IV) Respect our teachers and staff.

(V) Respect Chinese living habit and custom.

(VI) Form a good habit of exercising and hygiene.

(VII) Maintain a good relationship and friendship with students from other countries.

(VIII) Any kind of preach or missionary work is forbidden without the permission from the university, as well as the behavior of distributing or pasting promoting leaflet.

II. Social etiquette standard

(I) Treat others with respect and courtesy. Initiate a greeting with your teacher every time you meet.

(II) Knock before enter anyone else’s room, and enter after get the owner’s permission.

(III) Swipe your metro card or pay by coin when take the public transportation. Initially offer your seat to the elders, kids, or pregnant woman.

(IV) Keep quiet when you go to public places like meeting room, train station, classroom, or corridor. Smoking or shouting is not allowed.

(V) Don’t insult, provoke, or revile others.

(VI) Protect public facilities. Any damage caused by you shall be compensated by its price.

(VII) Obey social protocol. Please stand on the line when getting on a bus, waiting to pay your bill, or withdrawing money from ATM.

(VIII) Don’t shout, whistle or talk dirty when listen to a report, lecture, or show. Be a civilized audience.

(IV) If there is any emergency threatening your safety, property or life, call 110. Otherwise you can call for help to the tutor or liaison on non-emergency affairs. Any fake 110 call will be dealt by the Chinese law and school regulations.

III. Daily Precautions

(I) Keep clean of the dorm and corridor. Shut down all the electric household appliances before leaving to avoid fire accident.

(II) Protect the public facilities in campus and classrooms, compensate as the actual price if causing any damage to the public facilities. The compensation will be as high as 5 times of the actual price if the damage is done on purpose.

(III) Foreign student who wants to organize a parade or gathering party to celebrate their holiday needs to file an application to the International Student’s College one week in advance, and prepare with teacher’s help after getting the approval.

(IV) Playing music in public place or dorm is not allow in case of disturbing others.

(V) Forbid littering. Please keep a good environment and treat others with a polite attitude.

(VI) Turn off your phone when you are taking an exam, listening to a lecture or report, attending a meeting to show your respect.

(VII) Participate in all kinds of art or sport activities to earn honour for yourself and your homeland.

IV. Behaviors on a Class

(I) Student shouldn’t ditch class, or late for class, or leave early, or exit and enter classroom randomly. If late for class, or the student has to leave in advance, he/she shall explain to the teacher and apologize.

(II) Listen to the lesson carefully and complete homework, experiment report and other tasks from the teacher on time. Do not play your phone, talk randomly, eat snacks, or read irrelevant books or papers, or do other teacher’s homework. Please don’t move casually without the teacher’s permission. The teacher has the right to ask whoever affects class order to leave the classroom.

(III) When there is class going on in the classroom, please don’t shout or talk aloud in the corridor, or knock the door, or enter and exit the classroom casually.

(IV) No smoking in the classroom or the teaching building. Please keep quiet and don’t make any noise to disturb others, especially during the self-study time.

(V) Don’t leave your textbooks or personal belongings in the classroom. Teachers won’t be responsible for helping you find the missing stuff if you don’t keep it carefully. Please don’t occupy seats for others in the classroom.

(VI) The classrooms are only for students taking lessons. Other usage of the classrooms is not allowed. Spitting, littering or eating in the classroom is not allowed.

(VII) Respect other students’ religious beliefs from different nations or countries. No fighting or provoking is allowed on the class.

V. Asking for Leave

(I) Students who leave our campus during summer or winter vocation shall fill the “Destination of Travelling Plan During Vocation” in the office. Anyone fails to fill the form twice in a year will lose the eligibility of scholarship and get a punishment.

(II) Not allowed to leave school without your tutor’s permission. If you have to leave, ask for leave first and leave the permission.

(III) If a student asks for sick leave for one day, the teacher can give permission; if a student asks for more than three days’ leave, he/she shall fill the applying note and get approval from the tutor; if a student asks for leave for more than three days, he/she has to provide the hospital’s diagnose and get approval from the dean.

(IV) Theoretically, students cannot ask for private affairs leave. If this private affair turn out to be urgent, the student shall fill the applying note and get approval for two days’ leave from the tutor; if asking for more than two days’ leave, he/she has to get approval from the dean.

(V) Foreign students cannot ask for leave for more than a month, otherwise he/she has to retake all the courses of this semester.

(VI) Foreign students shall come back on time to cancel his leaving record after getting the leaving permission. If the student needs more time, he/she shall file an application to prolong.

(VII) Foreign students leave without permission, or without asking the tutor, or don’t come back on due time, or don’t come back when he/she doesn’t get permission to prolong the leave will be deemed as skipping classes. Students who skip classes shall be dealt according to Disciplinary Rules of Foreign Student in SYUCU.

(VIII) Student who cannot take exams on time for any reason has to file an application before the exam. Anyone fails to take exams on time cannot participate in the annual scholarship assessment whatever the reason is.

VI. Conducting Code during Examinations

In order to maintain a serious, fair and impartial examination, safeguard the legitimate rights of students and ensure the examination order, student shall obey the following rules:

(I) Enter the exam room with student ID 15 minutes in advance. Seat in the assigned seat and put your ID on the desk for the teacher to check. Obey the teacher’s orders. Anyone late for 30 minutes cannot take the exam, and the score of this exam will be calculated as zero. Wait until 30 minutes to hand in the paper and leave the exam room (except exams with special demand). No one can leave the exam room in excuse of going to the bathroom, etc. Anyone already hand in the paper cannot exit the room again. If whoever disqualified to take exams goes to the exam, his/her test result will be invalid.

(II) Nothing is allowed to be taken into the exam room except necessary stationery. Electronic device cannot be used during exams, please turn it off and put it at the assigned location.

(III) Students shall prepare the stationary by their own. Students shouldn’t lend or borrow stationary from each other during an exam unless it’s passed by the monitoring teacher.

(IV) After getting the exam papers, check whether they are intact, and write name, class and student ID number at the required place. Please keep the papers clean and tidy and do not tear apart the bound papers.

(V) Use black or blue pen to write on the answer sheet instead of red pen or pencil (pencil can only be used to draw or fulfill the scanned answer sheet). Any answer sheet inconsistent with the standard requirement will be declared invalid.

(VI) If the paper is vaguely printed or mistakenly distributed, student shall inform the monitoring teacher and ask the teacher to settle it.

(VII) Keep quiet in the exam room after the exam begins. Do not smoke, pass items, look at reviewing materials, help others to peep, write relevant content on the desk or on anywhere else on the exam room, or cheat or help others to cheat during an exam.

(VIII) All the students must hand in the papers when the exam is over. The paper and scratch paper shall be hand in to the monitoring teacher and cannot be taken out of the exam room (any paper taken out shall be seen invalid). Once hand in the paper, the student cannot stay in the exam room and talk with others, return to the exam room again, yell outside the room, or hinder the teacher.

(IX) Light warning for whoever talks or whispers with each other, or peep other student’s paper, and the teacher shall write the warned student’s ID number on the blackboard. If the student misconduct again, the teacher shall ask him/her to leave the exam room and declare his paper invalid, and cancel the student’s eligibility to retake the examination. Anyone misconducts or cheats on an exam shall be dealt according to the Disciplinary Rules of Foreign Student in SYUCU.

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