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Deputy governor of Liaoning Province Came to Our School to Inspect and Guide the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work for International Students

On February 26th, Wang Mingyu, deputy governor of Liaoning Province came to our school to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control work for international students. The school's party committee secretary Cui Jingyi, and Wen Jingwen, the dean of our school, participated the reception too.

Wang Mingyu went to the International Students’ College to conduct on-site inspections and listened to the report of the school's epidemic prevention and control work for foreign students, and gave affirmation to the school's prevention and control work. Wang Mingyu emphasized that it is necessary to prevent and control the epidemic situation for the international students, and the physical and mental health of international students is the primary task of the current international students' epidemic prevention work. The school should do the daily management and service for international students.

Wang Mingyu pointed out that there is no trivial matter in foreign affairs. Schools must deeply understand the importance of epidemic prevention for international students, with a high sense of responsibility and mission.