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Our school develops online and offline simultaneous teaching for international students in China

In order to meet the learning needs of foreign students at home and abroad, under the attention and command of the leaders of the International Students College, with the strong support and cooperation of various departments of the school, the necessary network equipment was purchased for all relevant teaching classrooms, and finally a set of online lines The purpose of the dual-track integrated teaching model, which takes care of the following, simultaneous live recording and broadcasting, and synchronization at home and abroad, is to enable every student to participate in normal teaching activities.

On April 8, international students started offline teaching. Teachers communicated with students one-on-one, implemented academic plans and course participation, and implemented teaching plans one by one. For classrooms with a small number of people in China, in addition to realizing normal offline teaching, the teachers also broadcasted or recorded live or recorded to the students of the class overseas. The students were able to return to the classroom and expressed their cherishment and excitement to the teachers. Mood.

For design practice courses, teachers participate in the learning practice of every student throughout the process, and students also show strong curiosity, actively integrate into the classroom, and integrate into their own design works

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it is not easy for teachers and students to return to the classroom to resume the current classroom scene. As of today, there are still a group of international students who cannot enter China to return to the classroom. I believe all the international students who are currently in China will cherish the current learning opportunities even more and make persistent efforts.