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Golden Season,New Semester

Farewell to the scorching summer, we ushered in a brand new semester in the golden season. On August 30, the School of International Students officially started the first day of the new semester. In accordance with the school’s epidemic prevention and control requirements, international students are currently teaching online temporarily, which is consistent with Chinese students.

According to the study progress and Chinese proficiency of international students, this semester Chinese course offers two levels of Chinese 1 and Chinese 3. There are comprehensive courses, oral courses, listening courses, overview of China, Chinese characters, cultural courses, etc., to help international students as soon as possible To achieve smooth communication with Chinese people, to further understand Chinese culture, and to adapt to the living environment in Shenyang; at the same time, in order to further improve the Chinese proficiency of senior students, the School of International Students offers courses such as HSK and reading to enrich the classroom and at the same time It also deepened the international students’ understanding of Chinese knowledge and improved their Chinese proficiency.

 Teachers in the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Section began to carefully prepare courses, make courseware, and write teaching calendars during the summer vacation, and held meetings to discuss the preparations for the new semester, escorting the smooth progress of the first lesson.