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Visit International Students for Mid-Autumn Festival

In order to further strengthen the communication between the school and the international students in China, during the epidemic prevention and control period, we will have a comprehensive understanding of the ideological dynamics, living environment and mental health of the international students, deepen the friendship between teachers and students, and convey the school's care and love for international students. On the occasion of the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival , The School of International Students has specially formulated an eight-day home visit from September 6th to 13th. The event was led by Shao Xiujuan, Dean of the School of International Students, and Zhang Ronghai as the deputy team leader. He led Zeng Dan, Wang Yizhu and other four team members to jointly carry out this home visit, and brought Mid-Autumn Festival blessings and warmth to the students. Heart gift.


In this home visit, a total of 57 students studying in Shenyang were visited. The visiting teachers expressed the school’s concern and concern to the international students, and cordially asked whether the international students have difficulties in life and study, and fully understood their daily activity track and physical condition. , Online learning, etc., to urge them to carry out independent learning. At the same time, psychological counseling was carried out for international students to help them resolve the psychological pressure and negative emotions caused by the epidemic, guide them not to participate in gathering activities, pay attention to environmental hygiene, strengthen self-protection, maintain good work and rest habits, and properly perform physical exercises.


In addition, during this home visit, the visiting teachers brought the students the first round of online teaching evaluation feedback form this semester to collect students' opinions and suggestions on school education and teaching. The students actively and conscientiously filled in the teaching feedback of each course, fully affirmed the dedication and professionalism of the teacher, and expressed their recognition of the school's education and teaching work during the conversation.


International students expressed their gratitude to the school for this home visit, and said that they would abide by various epidemic prevention measures and study hard to live up to the ardent hopes of the school and teachers.


Since the beginning of the epidemic, our school has fully implemented the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of foreign students, strictly and realistically detailed the work related to international students during the epidemic prevention and control period, and always pay attention to the physical and mental health of international students, and carry out various measures. Work to ensure the overall stability of international students. With the development of home visits activities, international students feel warm during this Mid-Autumn Festival and play an active role in better carrying out the education and management of our school's international students.