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Traditional paper-cutting cultural experience activities for International students

On the afternoon of December 8th, in order to enrich the campus cultural life of international students and experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture, the School of International Students launched a traditional paper-cutting cultural experience activity for international students in classroom 208.

First of all, Mr. Zeng Dan explained the use and meaning of paper-cut culture in modern life. The content of paper-cutting is rich and colorful. People can express themselves by paper-cutting the animals, plants, buildings, stories, and their lives they see. Joy and good expectations of life. After that, the international students were eager to try. Under the guidance of Teacher Zeng Dan, they picked up the scissors and cut along the patterns that had already been drawn.

The development of this activity has received unanimous praise from the international students, and they all expressed that they have strengthened their understanding and love of Chinese traditional culture by learning the skills of paper-cutting. Pierre from the Democratic Republic of Congo said: "I am very happy to participate in this event. The paper-cutting is very interesting. I am very satisfied to see the paper-cutting work I personally completed. I will cherish my work and improve myself in my future study and life. He has the practical ability to actively participate in more Chinese cultural experience activities."

The School of International Students will carry out Chinese cultural experience activities on a regular basis, enhance the sense of belonging and understanding of Chinese culture of international students to the school, and promote the dissemination of Chinese culture.