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Food Short Video Online Contest

Satisfied by the taste of food throughout the days and years.The food can not only warm your stomach but also heal your soul. Food culture around the world is broad and profound. Each nation has a character of its ownChina has a longer history in food culture.

Currently, the epidemic situation in Shenyang is severe and complicated. At this crucial juncture of epidemic prevention and control, as a student of Shenyang Urban Construction University, we should stand closely together in difficult times, consciously reduce activities to safeguard our campus and make our own contribution to the epidemic prevention and control by staying at home or dormitory.

To enrich students spare time and show your own life skills, Students Communication Association will hereby hold the food short video online contest.

1. Schedule of the Competition

March 25 : Launch of the Competition

March 26-April 6: Collection of Works

Middle April : Awards


Participants can record a short video of a homemade dish made by themselves, and need to explain and introduce the production process; Participants can also record a dish from a local restaurant, a delicious snack, make explanations and introductions and share local food culture and food stories, etc.

Video duration: 1-3 minutes.

Video format: You can choose landscape or vertical recording.

Interpretation language: Chinese or English.(best with subtitles)


Submit videos to your head teacher via Wechat.

4. Award Setting

One first prize.  

Two second prizes.

Three third prizes.


Students Communication Association

March 25, 2022